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I am delighted to present the new initiative of PUBLIC, ESADE’s Institute of Public Governance & Management (IGDP) e-bulletin.

PUBLIC has created a twitter account. It tweets articles published since PUBLIC first edition (June 2004). PUBLIC has a great archive on public governance and management ready to be discovered (!) All contents are available in Catalan, Spanish and English.



Find PUBLIC (@esadepublic) on Twitter at: 



Over the past few years, PUBLIC has served as a forum for creation, dissemination, education and debate in the field of public governance and management at both the local and international levels. It is an initiative aimed at supporting innovative forms of leadership in the public sector. Today, PUBLIC is read by more than 10,000 practitioners and scholars in more than 100 countries around the world. It has received contributions from many renowned writers: Joseph E. Stiglitz (Columbia University), Francis Fukuyama (Johns Hopkins University), Henry Mintzberg (McGill University), Michael Barzelay (LSE), Sonia Ospina (Wagner NYU), Dani Rodrik (Harvard University), Christopher Pollitt (Erasmus University), Ronald A. Heifetz (KSG Harvard), Christopher Hood (Oxford University) Jeffrey Pfeffer (Stanford University), Jameson W. Doig (Princeton), Barbara Kellerman (KSG Harvard), Joseph S. Nye (KSG Harvard), and many more.  


In a society that is sometimes overwhelmed by difficult-to-process information, PUBLIC has tried to offer some of the most current, rigorous and relevant reflections on public management in a fresh, easy-to-read format. Our formula is simple: short articles based on long hours of work. 


The newsletter is available in three different languages: English, Spanish and Catalan. Any contributions to the newsletter are welcomed, and those proposals would pass through an editorial process. You are cordially invited to take part ! Visit (and free register to) PUBLIC at



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Joat Henrich Ballester


Editor of PUBLIC

Institute of Public Governance & Management (IGDP)


Av. Pedralbes, 60-62
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